Personal Loan

Personal loans figure to be a common way to source for funds, given their easy nature. However, despite its popularity, a lot of people shy away from taking personal loans because they don’t know much about them. If you are one of them, it is better to stay informed, so you can make a better decision should you choose to approach us for a personal loan.

For starters, personal loans are unsecured. Where a bank may ask you to provide collateral such as car, house, land, among others in order to provide you with a loan, a personal loan doesn’t require such. Their unsecured nature makes personal loans very attractive to persons who require finances to meet short term personal and business needs. Maybe it’s a hospital bill that needs to be paid, or inventory for the business that needs to be restocked. For all those personal emergencies that require finances fast, a personal loan will serve you best.

With a personal loan, we are extending good faith to you, which is why we will take a close look at your credit report. Remember, we have nothing to repossess should a person default on the loan. And while a large majority of people who require personal loans might not have the best credit reports, we never turn away legit cases for personal loans. Just allow us to do our due diligence.

For personal loans, you should anticipate higher interest rates. Because there is no security on the loan, there has to be a way for the lender to protect themselves. With higher interest rates, borrowers are keener to repay the loan, in order to avoid overburdening themselves with unnecessary penalties.
We hope that we have educated you enough to make an informed decision should you require a personal loan from us.