Loan Services

Payday Loan

It is a common problem for many people to face financial challenges before their paydays. If you need quick cash to pay off an emergency medical bill, repair your car or meet household needs, consider applying for a payday loan.

A payday loan is meant to solve your unexpected financial needs when your payday is still far. This loan offers the most flexible repayment plan because you repay it on your following payday. Thus it is recommended to apply for a payday when you need short term financial solutions because applying it for long term can be very expensive

Our payday loans are very easy to apply for. We offer fast application and approval processes with very minimal qualifications. We will approve your loan application within hours. However, we encourage our customers to apply for the payday loans only when they need them.

If you are in need of a quick payday loan to solve financial emergencies, we are here to help you. Feel free to contact us at any time

Education Loan

Education is one of the most important investments parents can make in their children. However, the cost of getting good education is high and an education loan can be the most appropriate loan to help you educate your child.

You can use an education loan to pay for school fees, buy books, uniform and pay for accommodation. Students can also apply for education loans to further their education.

For you to qualify for an education loan, you should show evidence of academic progress. Depending on your needs, we will structure everything possible to ensure that you get the best education loan that will assist you pursue your education against all odds and challenges.

Medical Loan

Life is very important and there is nothing bad like being sick. However, this should not bother you any longer because a medical loan will enable you access medical services even if your bank account is reading zero.

A medical loan is used to cater for medical bills for you, your family or friend. We are here to help you settle emergency medical bills wherever your loved ones require medical attention. We will give you the finances to improve the health of your loved ones and make them live quality lives.

Since medical emergencies are very critical, we are always ready and available to help you get a medical loan. Once you give us the details we want, we will process your application very fast and send you the money instantly. We will always have a solution for you regardless of the medical emergency you have at hand.

Renovation Loan

Buying a home is one of the largest investments that people make in life. However, after completing the home buying transaction, you may be left with little or no money to renovate the home so as to customize and make it look the way you want.

Majority of home buyers get home properties in conditions that fully satisfy them. Most of the banking institutions are never ready to help borrowers with loans to renovate their homes. Here is where we come in; to help you get a renovation loan easily and remodel your home
Renovating a home will not only make it look good but also increase its value. In addition, renovation is also important for health and safety of the home occupants. Therefore applying for a renovation loan is never a wrong decision

We are dedicated to help you get a renovation loan hassle free. You can apply for the loan on our website by filling the online application form. Once we receive your application and approve it, you will receive the cash instantly and securely.

Personal Loan

Many people are not fully informed about personal loans and this prevents them from applying and benefiting from these loans. Our aim is to keep you informed about personal loans.

Personal loans are unsecured and therefore do not require collateral like in the case of traditional loans. This makes a personal loan very attractive to a personal that needs cash to meet short term personal needs. A personal loan can help you meet numerous personal and business needs such as paying for bills, restocking your business, etc.

To approve your personal loan application, we look at your credit report. But if your credit report is not good enough, we won’t turn you away but we will look at other factors.

Since there is no security on personal loans, these loans normally have high interest rates. This is the only way that personal loan lenders protect themselves. The high interest rates also make borrowers to repay the loans on time so as to avoid being overburdened with large penalties.
We hope that we have informed you enough to make an informed decision, in case you want a personal loan from us.